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Exciting News! The Boston School of Painting is changing to Polins Atelier. Please visit our new website for current art classes. The studio will remain in Somerville, MA near Boston and Cambridge, MA. It will continue to offer oil painting and drawing classes in classical and contemporary realism.
Free Portraits for COVID-19 Health Care Workers

 Jason Polins has offered to paint free portraits for three dedicated COVID-19 health care workers in the Greater Boston area. These health care workers risk their lives daily to assist patients infected with this deadly coronavirus disease.

Inspired by  #portraitsforusheroes,  Jason chooses to join the ranks of leading artists who honor our true American heroes!

The Realist Art Resource recognizes The Boston School of Painting in its efforts to promote and uphold skill-based studio art training and traditional representational art. This art school thus meets their teaching standards of 18th and 19th century ateliers and academies.

The Somerville Arts Council has awarded Jason Polins a  2018 Visual Arts Fellowship Grant.  A reception honoring all of the 2018 LCC award winners will take place at  Arts at the Armory on the evening of Wed. February 28.

Check out this article that appeared in the Boston Voyager about Jason Polins and The Boston School of Painting. 

Listen to Jason’s recent podcast on Your Creative Push as he captivates listeners with his eclectic approach as a teacher and painter of realist art.

Feel free to contact Jason Polins.  He will gladly answer any questions you have about taking art lessons.  

Studio Art Classes in Oil Painting – Drawing – Human Figure

The Boston School of Painting is a traditional art school run by Jason Polins. Founded in 2006, the school offers art classes in oil painting and drawing. In addition, the human figure is taught through studies in life drawing.

Jason – a contemporary realist painter – teaches all studio art classes in the realist tradition of the early French academies and the contemporary European atelier.  This style arises from Italian Renaissance Art and also from Renaissance artists. Jason Polins embraces this academic approach of teaching realist art to his students in the style of the Old European Masters.

How Jason Polins Teaches Oil Painting and Drawing

The school structures all art classes to students of all levels and abilities. Consequently, students receive individual attention to easel time to tackle concepts as well as build a strong foundation.

Jason believes in teaching the student through the study of the human figure (life drawing) and still life. These related methods allow students to focus on skills both in and outside his studio. As a result, these students can become competent painters.

Each of these two disciplines presents significant avenues of study. Students become adept in charcoal and graphite drawing, grisaille painting, color study, and full color painting. Moreover, they develop skills in  Bargue drawing and mastercopy work. Each of these practices aims to correct student weaknesses and more so build on student strengths.

Polins uses an eclectic approach to introducing his students to the philosophy of realism. This approach accurately depicts the subject matter.   In his classes, Jason Polins employs both still life and the human figure in teaching classical art.

The Atelier Approach to Teaching Studio Art Classes

Jason Polins relies on relies strongly on the Charles Bargue Drawing Course in all of his drawing classes. Above all, this provides the disciple needed to teach both classical realism and academic draughtsmanship.

In all classes, the novice painter and the advanced draftsman occupy the same space. Students can then see art more holistically than with separate classrooms for various skill levels.

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    1. Greetings Rajendra,
      We offer weekly classes in drawing and painting in which Students choose one section to attend for the semester. Classes meet Tuesday 9-12pm, 6-9pm and Saturdays 9-12pm. Students work on their own projects, it’s not everyone doing the same task. I make rounds and talk to each student about their projects. directing them and demonstrating in order to learn better craft and skill. I’m happy to answer any questions you might have. Would you like to come by and see the studio? You’re welcome to give me a call and set up a time to meet.

      Jason Polins

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