Jason Polins teaching at one of his art classes.
Jason Polins – an advocate of realism in art – instructing an art student.
Teacher & Artist of Realist Art

Jason Polins currently teaches art classes in oil painting, drawing and the human figure in his art studio. He also conducts classes at Northeastern University in Boston. These art classes reflect his dedication to the teachings of realist art. Jason also offers workshops and private instruction. You may view galleries of his work at http://www.jasonpolins.com/

The Boston School of Painting is a traditional art school. It is noted for its strong approach to teaching classical realism.  This concept relates to the elements of Classicism, Realism and Impressionism as found in realist art.  As such, it appears in the realist drawing classes and painting classes the school offers. Further, students learn to carefully observe subject matter using the sight-size and comparative methods.

These classical techniques of realist art enhance the student’s ability to recreate the subject matter with accuracy and attention to detail.

 Classical Realism – Renaissance – Realist Art

Jason Polins received his BFA from Boston University in 1994. He then went on to study realist art in Florence, Italy at The Florence Academy of Art. There, he honed his skills as a realist painter.  He fulfilled his studies in 1997 and receiving the school’s certificate of completion. Upon returning to Boston, Jason continued his painting studies with various notable painters, such as Nelson Shanks in Philadelphia, and Gary Hoffmann in Boston.

Teaching and Working in the Art Studio

Jason Polins has always felt a strong connection to the heritage of the historical painters of The Boston School of Painting. He is deeply inspired by noted Boston-based painters active in the first three decades of the twentieth century. Adept as an artist, he endeavors to pursue their ideals through strong drawing skills, composition, and color in each of his own works.

Jason’s work has appeared in former issues of Drawing Magazine and in the annual edition of  Strokes of Genius – The Best of Drawing.

Jason keeps a studio in Somerville, MA located close to Boston and Cambridge. In his studio, he conducts weekly classes and also works on his own art.  All art classes include critiques and  demonstrations of various techniques of art. In addition to teaching, Jason currently is involved in set design for the motion picture industry in the Greater Boston area.

The Boston School of Painting  attracts both serious art students and professional working artists alike. The school trains all students in the fundamentals and advanced concepts of painting and drawing.  This training follows in the tradition of realist art and classical realism.