Jason Polins - an artist dedicated to his vision and concepts of teaching classical realism within the artistic process.
Jason Polins – an advocate of realism in art – at work in his art studio
 Jason Polins – Classical Realism – Renaissance

 The Boston School of Painting is a traditional art school that offers day and evening drawing and painting classes. The school is owned and operated by Jason Polins out of his private studio in Somerville, Massachusetts close to Boston and Cambridge.

Of the various art schools in Boston, The Boston School of Painting is noted for its strong approach to teaching classical realism and its relation to the elements of Classicism, Realism and Impressionism.  This is evident in the realist drawing classes and painting classes the school offers.

Polins uses an eclectic approach to introducing his students to the philosophy of realism with its emphasis on accurate depiction of subject matter.  He employs both still life and the human figure

Polins has been working, teaching, and conducting workshops for the public out of this space since the school’s founding in 2006. He espouses the academic approach of teaching students how to paint like the Old European Masters in a style known as atelier. This style emanates from Italian Renaissance Art and Renaissance artists.

In addition to working and teaching out of the space, Polins conducts open figure drawing sessions, and educational workshops open to the public, maintaining an important position as a vital member of the artistic community.

Jason Polins approach to teaching classical realism and academic draughtsmanship to his new students  relies strongly on the Charles Bargue Drawing Course in all his drawing classes.

 Mission Statement:

The Boston School of Painting aims to provide serious art students, and professional working artists alike, with training in the fundamentals and advanced concepts of painting and drawing in the tradition of realism.

Constructed from the educational experiences of its founder, Jason Polins, the Boston School of Painting seeks to combine several classical methodologies with contemporary approaches, searching for a timeless sense of aesthetic beauty while investigating via direct study from nature as the foundation for great painting and drawing.

Our mission is to stimulate both public and private artistic advancement and to maintain an environment fostering mutual pursuit of excellence, all while mastering the practices and tools necessary for developing a rewarding career in the visual arts.